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                        Personal Testimonials

"Just wanted to let you know your session last Tuesday really helped me! The next couple of days I felt more grounded and less stressed out, but it wasn't until Friday that I felt a HUGE shift in my  energy level and have been enjoying that shift since." -  Kim Johnston


"I just wanted to personally say thank you for the Reiki session Monday night. It was marvelous, magnificent, beautiful and just so many of the utterance you were speaking to all of us literally felt like they were coming directly out of my own mind, plus, I felt so much better after Truly spectacular." - J.D. (participant in weekly Monday night Free Conference Call Reiki Circle) - Juss DG


“I would like to tell you that yesterday at 9 when you were saying that some people had amazing reactions from the Sunday night session I realized that when I got up on Monday at 5 am I said to myself — wow I really slept well last night and I feel so relaxed and calm—with no head chatter — and I went into work feeling better than I had in months. I didn’t put it together until you mentioned others reactions were the same! And today was just as good!!” - L.G. (participant in Navaratri 9 Nights of Mother Divine healing sessions, Autumn, 2023)


"Geordie is an amazing healer. I found him when I was in a very difficult moment emotionally, I did a few sessions of Angelic Liquid Light Healing® with him. I was finally able to sleep and could see a more positive future. Geordie is so generous and really cares, I felt listened to and understood. More than a healer, Geordie is an incredible human being. I will forever be grateful for his help through this moment of my life." - Senda


"You are truly so inspiring and such a great example of someone who gives from the heart. Thank you for your medicine. Wednesday's Angelic Liquid Light Healing session was absolutely what my soul was yearning for! Thank you thank you, M.C."


"I didn’t tell you that this healing opened up a wide door for me to heal ancestral trauma. Earlier, before the healing, I was guided to practice the Jewish Sabbath rituals.  This called my ancestors in. During the healing, I started to get extreme neck tension which gave me a terrible headache, I dozed off but woke up not breathing, and then terror.... After your healing, for two hours, my ancestors ran a river of energy from my crown to my feet and out. Holy Moly!  It was intense. Grace had me not be physically alone, so that someone literally held me, as I did the inner work. Wow!  My ancestors used the full moon lunar eclipse to transmute quite a lot! Thank you, Love," (anon. participant in Free Angelic Liquid Light Healing Full Moon Eclipse session 11/19/21)


"Holy mother of god Geordie that was a session like I never!!! All I can say is WOWED!! Golden angels it tis!! Two hours!!!! Almost a full body Wave!! I was blown away.." - S.F. (participant in New Moon in Scorpio Angelic Liquid Light Healing session w/ Geordie and Jae Schapp 


"That was amazing! I can’t say what happened! I got guided to sit up at first and much to my surprise, I got images of beautiful Jane in her full Goddess form, but very much in the flesh. Then I lay down and went into a deep meditative state until exactly 9pm. It took me almost 30 minutes to get up afterwards as the meditative state was so deep! Thank you, Love you!" - Jodi Peister M.D., VortexHealing® Practitioner (participant in Free Angelic Liquid Light Healing® Full Moon in Pisces Distant Healing Session, w/ Jane Karasik and Geordie, 9/19/2021


"Hi Geordie - My recent donation reflects my ongoing gratitude for sharing in the Monday Reiki Circle. I have moved closer to family and the past few months have been very stressful. Your calm energy and that of the Monday Circle has made all the difference. It grounds me to my higher power and to my highest self. With gratitude, Carol K."


"Geordie’s apprenticeship program has been life changing. When we first started, I was suffering from severe anxiety, and a deep sense of loss and helplessness. I knew, however, that I was open to learning and being of service. That was all he required. Geordie’s program was structured to include regular coaching calls, homework exercises, training, and initiating students to all Reiki levels. As part of the coaching, Geordie had me list the objectives I wanted to tackle over the course of the program. Looking back, I’m amazed by how much progress I’ve made on each and every one. My anxiety has greatly diminished, I’ve gained a better sense of stability, and have become a much more effective healer. It was truly a blessing to be his apprentice, and I would highly recommend the experience to anyone. In gratitude, LeMar Moore"  - Attorney (NYU Law School) Deer Spirit Reiki Master-Teacher, IET Master-Instructor, Magical Structures Level VortexHealer

"Thank you so much for all the healing sessions you are offering it is helping me incredibly! I’m very grateful! I’ve been attending the Reiki circles on Monday too and WOW! I don’t know what I’m doing exactly, just being open (eventually I’d like to take your classes), but I feel amazing during and after - so much relief. Thank you for offering those and letting a novice join!" - Anon.

"After the Group VortexHealing® Session on Life Purpose/Career last week, I literally launched into a new career path the following day. I wasn't afraid, I didn't have the usual self-doubt and my eyes were open to the possibilities in front of me. I am shocked with how this is working in my life, THANK YOU! I am also a little worried I may regress, but am trying to keep that at bay... I can't express my gratitude enough for what you do." -  Anon. participant in VortexHealing® Life Path / Career distant healing session


"Not sure what it was, but something HUGE shifted during our last session! My sleep last night was amazing + I feel so grounded. There were 2 things that happened in dreams past 2 nights that I'll ask you about on Tuesday night. Whatever is going on, I want more!" - M.Z.

"Thanks again for the Reiki session and the Reiki Level 3 class. I can feel a huge shift this week. Really dramatic actually. All good things! :)" - S. D.


"I'm so grateful for our session Monday evening. I have been feeling much less fearful, much less self-doubt, and much more comfortable in my skin since our session. Thank you!" Anon. recipient of 90 min. Angelic liquid Light healing session 


"Just wanted to extend my gratitude for the Free Conference Call Reiki Circles and Free Angelic Liquid Light Breakthrough sessions. This community has really helped me stay focused on the truth in these absurd times. My work / life has tremendously benefited by these weekly experiences.  I can’t thank you enough for your sane input throughout the last months. My deer sightings continue on almost a daily basis. That’s a massive gift!  Thanks again Geordie for making the groups happen. Keep shining!"
Love, Bo Cederqvist LMT


"And thanks so much for the solstice healing session the other night, that was really amazing. I felt waves of energy and, as usual, fell into a deep, trance-like calm for the whole hour. The most relaxed I’ve felt in as long as I can remember." - D.G., participant in my Angelic Liquid Light Summer Solstice New Moon Eclipse distant healing session 6/20/20


"I have been meditating every day which has been amazing , and you’re Angelic Liquid Light Breakthrough healing Friday night was also incredibly helpful and powerful." - Leigh Loranger


"Deer Spirit Reiki is where I had the honor of meeting Mr. Geordie Numata and Reiki used him to attune me to Karuna Reiki Master Teacher. My life has never been the same and continues to get better.
Mr. Numata is a godly, humble and very caring being that, if I didn’t know better, would think he’s an incarnation of a conglomerate of ArchAngels!" - Maurice Clayton

"Hi Geordie, I truly felt like I was tripping but again I know in my heart it was not my imagination. I wrote down my experience - I felt cool and that’s when you said, "you will feel the coolness". At the beginning of the session I started feeling very hot. I was sitting in a comfy chair next to the bed. I felt my head getting heavier and heavier so I moved to the bed very slowly because I felt my body was getting heavier too (Mary help me) and I could hardly walk to my bed I kind of crawled all the way and I fell as soon as I laid down.

I couldn’t move then I saw angels at the end of the bed with strange musical instruments. I thought maybe because I was playing the flute and hand drum earlier today, they let me feel the deepest love I needed. Because after I just had the flu and the goings on affecting me [the Covid 19 "pandemic"], I got depressed and numb around my heart chakra.

I also saw aliens, they were working on the back of my leg seems they were trying to get to my gallbladder meridian. They had big black eyes, they were grey different heights, the busy one was tiny and the other one was really tall just watching the small one doing the work.

Then other angels appeared, they were wearing crimson and gold. they were very tall their heads were over the ceiling, I’ve seen them before, although I haven’t seen them for decades but they were there, also at the end of the bed. They started to cut me from head to toe, they did an extraction. They said that they were detoxing me and I felt someone holding my head as they were scraping stuff off my brain.

I still could not move and it felt like there was no time involved, it felt like I was there for years.

Then I gained consciousness, I opened my eyes and I said out loud "just make my whole body feel better again", then I immediately passed out again. I woke up again, I said give me a sign that you’re still here. I have a small lamp and it flickered like a candle and that’s when I realized the time was 9:00pm. It felt incredibly magical, thank you Geordie. I wish you all the best of blessings. Thanks for helping so many. Much love & light - Divine Standing Bear Woman" participant in the FREE Angelic Liquid Light Healing Equinox / Pandemic distant healing session  (3/19/20)


"I had my first ever astrology reading with Geordie back in 2010. It was incredible and overwhelming in the best way possible. He read and thoroughly explained my birth chart, as well as provided me with an analysis of the current year and projections for my future. Things that never made sense from my childhood were now given a new perspective, allowing me to come to peace with them.

Since then, I always get a reading with Geordie around my birthday to see what's on the horizon for the coming year. There are several key events that wind up taking place that Geordie points out immediately. He is gifted in interpreting these events and even more so on predicting timing."

When I was 35, Geordie told me that in my 37th year I would welcome my first child into the World. I had just ended a long term relationship and thought he was crazy. I'm very grateful to say he was absolutely right! Within that next year, I met the love of my life and gave birth to a healthy and beautiful baby boy last March, one month after my 37th birthday!"

"I believe Geordie's wisdom comes from his many years of experience reading the stars. If I have a specific question, he will tap into his intuition or use tarot to assist me in delving deeper.

My positive experiences with Geordie's readings have lead me to work with him in additional capacities, including levels 1, 2 & 3 Reiki trainings. I often refer people to Geordie as I know they will be lucky to work with him and experience his gifts. So far, everyone I know who has went to Geordie has been as blown away as I initially was and continue to work with him in some capacity."

-- Dr. Lisa Sumption LAc.


"Geordie is a caring, generous and knowledgeable Reiki Master and teacher. He works with his students to help them meet their personal goals, release blocks and heal. His humorous and heart-filled approach to enlightenment is comforting and refreshing, I have learned and continue to learn a lot from him."

 - Tiffany Credle, Deer Spirit Certified Reiki Master Teacher and graduate of Deer Spirit Reiki Teacher Apprenticeship Program


"I wanted to tell you what an absolutely amazing experience I had during this session on Wednesday! I don't really even have the words to describe it all, but the healing was so deep, so powerful and so beautiful. I just found a whole new level of peace and clarity I have not previously experienced. It was incredible and I'm so grateful! Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with me....with the world!  I eagerly look forward to the next opportunity to share in such a powerful healing. Thank you again, R. G." (participant in my 2019 Spring Equinox Angelic Liquid Light Distant Healing event)


"Hey Geordie, Good morning! I am feeling much better today, less depressed for sure and last night's healing was quite intense!! At the beginning of the healing i felt this heat come all over my body, and I felt like the angels were there. I also felt some pressure or mild pain in the parts of my body that need healing, which would come and go but very quickly, I could tell the energy was doing it's work. I slept really well last night and feel a bit tired today but in a much better mood. :) Thanks again for letting me join in last minute! Also thanks for letting me know the date for your next Level 2 course, I'll mark it on my calendar so I don't forget to go :) Much love and light to you and your family! Thank you!!" - Natalie C.  (participant in my 2019 Spring Equinox Angelic Liquid Light Distant Healing event)


"I never would have thought, as a psychotherapist and healer, that my life would be miraculously transformed by anything other than therapy; but it was. Having worked with Geordie for one year, I was healed in a way that 15 years of therapy had not completely fixed. I believe in psychotherapy. I am a firm believer that breaking down the walls that we’ve built after stressful life events, can and do heal with therapy.  However, when I discovered Reiki, I recognized that his was the second level of healing that I needed to truly embrace my authentic self. Reiki, shed the remaining debris of the past. Fear was transmuted into forgiveness. The five Reiki principles, guide me daily, to live more lovingly and compassionately in the world. I learned that only when we devote ourselves without being prejudice by our thoughts and feelings, that we become an instrument for the universal life energy. Life energy, Reiki allows us to heal ourselves. My Reiki Master Teacher, Geordie Numata, was instrumental in passing down the Usui lineage. He has transformed my life not only through Reiki, but also through his tenderness, ability to listen non-judgmentally and see me for who I am. Some gurus believe not everyone is teachable. Geordie, accepts all unconditionally and finds a way to teach all. Through his kindness, gifts and deep spirituality,  I was given a second chance to empower my life in an expansive way.  I highly recommend ANY session with Geordie. I also promote his student teacher apprenticeship. It allows one a safe  space to learn, grow and experience the gift of mentorship. His years of experience, gentle, loving and compassionate soul leave an imprint that one can never forget. It works! I'm forever grateful. I feel free of constraints in life and ready for the next chapter. Reiki brought me to a place of self-love and trust in myself and the Universe. Reiki is truly a powerful medicine! And Geordie really is a Master Teacher." - Giovanna Kapsi, LMHC, CASAC, Deer Spirit Reiki Master Teacher


“Hi, just wanted to tell you how amazingly free I feel. Just in 1 week since our healing. What a relief to feel joy and happiness! I no longer feel pressure of my ex BF in my field. Just yesterday a man was flirting with me in an elevator. He asked me to lunch, I said no thanks, but he made my day. Wow, I'm excited to just be and I can’t remember ever feeling that! I hope you have a very Happy Birthday and I'm sure I will work with you again when it calls. Much love, (anon)”


"Hey brother I just wanted to say thank you and to express my appreciation for the session and for you in general in the world and my life - I've never received Reiki from you before and as you know I've been around :-) It was incredibly powerful; your talent and gift and the bigness of your heart really helped me! God bless you, peace!" - Dimitri Mugianis,

".....I wanted to also let you know that my experience with the conference call was UNBELIEVABLE.  I enjoyed learning about the tongue - heart relationship and when grounded felt the 1st chakra energy being released as kundalini moved it up my spine to my heart.... It was just a very POWERFUL EXPERIENCE. Thank you!"  Courtney Clark, IMDB, Vimeo 

"Possibly the most legit astrological life coach I've ever consulted" - Kendra Marie Hoffman


"My 87 year old mother was recently hospitalized for over two months with two consecutive major surgeries, resulting in a week on a ventilator. When she was removed from the ventilator, she could not speak and slept nearly all day. Geordie came to the hospital to treat her three times. A remarkable thing occurred each time after Geordie left. She would become alert and chat for long stretches of time. It was truly amazing to witness, and I can only attribute it to his healing." —A.H.


"I have been a student of Geordie for close to ten years now. I have attended many of his community events and classes, and regularly receive astrology readings with him. Geordie offers the most exacting and accurate readings of anyone I've ever had do a reading for me.
His information is specific, detailed, and positive. He assists his clients in seeing their current trajectory, understanding the narrative of their life work, and offers real world suggestions in shaping their future.
Over the years I have sent many people to Geordie for readings and they have all had the same positive experiences and glowing reviews. Even after all this time I continue to be surprised by his accuracy, detail, and generosity of spirit." - Chava Quist L.Ac.,, LMT, R.M.T., C.O.O. of Kamwo Herbs Co.


"Geordie builds relationships with his clients and they last over time because he's caring and wants the best for everyone. I particularly like his Reiki treatments and insights as well as the VortexHealing® sessions that he facilitates with Carol Ribner. I always feel wonderful afterwards and ready to re-engage with New York City's fast-paced lifestyle. I highly recommend Geordie!" -

Laura Thompson, Certified Life & Business Strategist Coach


"I never touched people. Never allowed anyone to touch me. Three feet of personal space wasn't enough. Once I even went to a church retreat and made a sign as a "joke" saying "Smiles not hugs please" because everyone was so damn touchy-feely and it drove me crazy. But after being in a great deal of physical pain for years I broke down and decided to get acupuncture/Reiki one day to see if it would help. I know it sounds like an exaggeration, but I swear, this man changed my life. I'm no longer freaked out by a stranger's touch. I can hug people. A friend who has known me for years commented, "Wow, you look different. I've never seen you smile in all the years I've known you." I don't know if I never smiled, but it's true that I'm different. More relaxed. Physically, I know that it takes time to heal years of damage caused by accidents, severe weight gain, stress, and years of strain. And I know without doubt that Reiki/acupuncture can help. But having Geordie do his healing magic on me has helped me physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually..., I just cannot express in words how this man has helped me transform and heal exponentially." - April Hope


"I've had Reiki, an astrology reading and VortexHealing with Geordie. Geordie's astrology readings gave me more info about why I am the way I am than any other reading I've ever had and in fact shed light on something I've always struggled with. Now I understand and embrace it. His way of really seeing into your life story is phenomenal and he's so open and really interested in sharing with you. The group VortexHealing sessions are an excellent way to experience the power of the work. Because he is able to weave in multiple energies with his healing work it really gets deep to the core of your issue or intent. You can feel the work and see how the effects unfold as the days go by."- Zuyapa Jackson -


"My stepfather has been in the hospital for about two weeks now. He originally went into the hospital for a staff infection from the port that was used for dialysis. While in the hospital his kidneys were getting weaker and he started to develop fluid around his heart. When the doctors went in to remove the fluid from around his heart, they punctured a lung. He took a turn for the worse and they put him on a respirator. He was very heavily sedated but could hear what was going on. He could squeeze someone's hand or wiggle a toe in response to their questions. On Friday, 11/5, 2010, he went into cardiac arrest and had to be resuscitated. The doctors prepared the family for the worst and asked if he had a will because they did not expect him to live past two or three days. My little sister was devastated and stayed at the hospital as much as she could. She told me that the doctors told her that he would never walk out of the hospital. Last night, during you Reiki circle, I offered the intention that he would get well and walk out of the hospital. This morning, my sister called me and told me that the doctors took the tubes out, took him off the respirator, and he's talking, and is very, very hungry.......for pancakes in! Although he is not completely out of the woods, he has done what the doctors said he would not do. I could not believe it when she told me. May the blessings continue to flow to every person you and your students/practitioners touch. Thank you and I'm hoping to see you soon! I am going to bring a friend with me."


"Thanks so much for the incredible Shamanic Circle healing last night. I can't imagine how much energy it took to do that many extractions. You and Carolina made it seem effortless! I felt that the space at Madison Wellness was transformed and elevated due to the high level of healing that was taking place. I woke up at 5:30am this morning. (that is 'extremely' rare for me) full of energy and my mind very active. I'm just in awe of the transformations that are taking place as a result of the new circle." (attendee of Shamanic Healing Circle with Geordie & Carolina Encalada)


"Dear Geordie, Yesterday when I walked into the Reiki Practitioners' Circle, I could hardly walk or sit as my troubled back was in great distress.  After your treatment, I got up from the table with no stabbing pain, only muscle soreness.  I walked home with easy and slept the full night without pain.  Today even the muscle soreness is disappearing and I'm moving normally.  Obviously your treatment is a miracle which saved much discomfort, money and concern. Three cheers for your wonderful healing! Thank you and blessings —Patricia Conde"


"Thanks for the reading. I had forgotten how many feelings get stirred, reawakened and revealed. There is almost an after shock effect. I am grateful for your friendship and your amazing gifts." —Carlton W.

"Geordie is a lighthouse. Before receiving Reiki attunements from him, I came to believe in the power of his abilities as a healer from several experiences where I was struggling and asked him to send distant Reiki. In a matter of minutes, I was put into a calming cocoon of bright light and gently restored to sanity. Over the years, I saw the beauty of how Reiki had healed me and wanted to be able to share that with others. I took the level 1 and 2 classes with Geordie and it was the next right step; to now be able to help others. In my experience with Geordie, I am truly impressed with his ability to send long distance Reiki and I can assuredly say it has saved my life on more than one occasion! We are a community and Geordie reminds me that I cannot always forge into the spiritual matrix alone, I need the help of my fellows. I offer my love and gratitude to you Geordie, and may you continue your good work and service!" —Sabrina Zeba, Deer Spirit Reiki Level 2 / Artist / Yogini


"I'd just like to say how much the reading helped me. I feel like a different person– different in the sense that I feel very much empowered. Thank you so much! " —Jelena Nikolajevic

"Wanted to let you know that everything has been working out exactly the way you predicted in your Astrology reading! I felt a definite shift during December when the planets finally aligned, and actually knew we would be leaving! We are both very impressed with your reading." —Maggie Pandhi


"I wanted to thank you for an incredible night last night. What can I say about such an amazing gift of healing and love! The Angelic Liquid Light initiation was transformative. I'm so happy that I earned my wings:) I felt like I was baptized and reborn. Thank you for allowing me the incredible space to feel love again. It's been a very long time and my soul was longing for it." —(Participant in Angel Wing Activation / Angelic Liquid Light Healing class)


"Wow! Thank you so so much!!! So much is integrating. I feel amazing. And so so so EXPANSIVE. Whoah. You are a Master." - post healing session feedback from life coach Cora Poage, Sexy Soul Wellness


"I was lying in a hospital bed, all 120 pounds of me, when he came there to my bedside and performed Reiki on me. Now I had heard of it, as I had heard of hypnosis, acupuncture, EFT... you name it..... yet there i was, dying, having suffered numerous seizures. Mr. Numata showed up and performed his work on me. I had suffered for years from absolute chronic pain, having broken my neck in 2 plane crashes many years before, as well as several near fatal automobile and motorcycle accidents. He came once to the hospital, which I first found incredible - that someone who treats people as he does would come to a hospital! That session I can't quite recall clearly, yet the several sessions that followed in my home were transcendent in nature. He came by 3 maybe 4 times, each time performing Reiki, ear acupuncture and placing the adhesive seeds in my ears after the session. I am not being dramatic when I say that 3 months have passed and in my intrinsic being I have fundamentally changed. I have put on over 30 pounds, when for the last 5 years I just had kept losing weight no matter what I ate or didn't. My regular doctors, whose care I was under for the last five years had tested me for everything from cancer to rare blood disorders. I received 3 total blood transfusions in the last 4 years. The standard medical community, though well intended found nothing except of course the disastrous condition of my skeletal frame. They said I had the neck of a 90 year old. I am 57.
The "chronic" pain has vastly subsided, enabling me to function. I had become unemployable due to weakness. I was injecting enough B12 to keep an elephant jogging for miles and still had no energy, no stamina, extinct libido and general malaise.
I can tell you today that I am employed and I have a new found energy which I nor my regular doctors can explain. My spirit has re-opened to the reality that I can live life, enjoy it and endure it at times as we must do. I have rejoined the human race.
Of particular interest to me is that all of my motivation and creativity has returned with a wanton force unknown before. I feel about 35 years old. When just a few short months ago - December to be exact, I felt about 400 years old.!! Again, I reiterate - I am not being dramatic. Through his treatments I have done what is commonly referred to as 180 degree turnabout. Visions and Inspiration have returned and the pain is manageable. I was in a condition which I thought and truly believed would never change, yet the opposite is true........" – Geof Cullerton


"You have been instrumental in my life and I am so very blessed to have your support as I go through my spiritual journey. I can feel the love around me always now like a warm blanket that I so desperately need from the cold world...thank you from the bottom of my heart! Much love, light and gratitude!" —(From a woman who's had many private healing sessions and group VortexHealing® sessions)

"I have been getting weekly Reiki and ear acupuncture treatments with Geordie for almost six months now, and it has been simply life changing, thanks to Geordie's abundant compassion, wisdom, intuition, confidence, and incredible ability to channel healing energy with no other agenda other than to assist his clients in the most benevolent way. After our very first session I felt deeply relaxed, a profound sense of peace, and a lightness of being that I hadn't felt in years. After five or six sessions, the chronic anxiety and depression I sought help with started to lift, and in its place a feeling of being loved, and of being connected to all of life, started to take hold. This has been profoundly healing for me. I no longer feel anxious or depressed, and I feel a part of the flow of life again; my relationships have really improved as well. If you struggle with anxiety and/or depression and have found traditional treatments to be ineffective with too many side effects, I strongly urge you to try Reiki with Geordie." —C.G.

"I found Reiki about five years ago while still looking for ways to fully heal from depression in my college years. Just a few sessions from my Reiki Master Teacher and I was seeing more results than therapy, medication or anything else had given me before. I was immediately interested in learning more and so began my journey as a Reiki practitioner. As a level III practitioner I am well aware of the benefits of Reiki and what a wonderful experience a session can be. And yet the treatments I received recently from Geordie exceeded some my expectations. It is clear that Geordie is a highly intuitive, accurate healer. From the very beginning he was capable of pinpointing health issues, even minute ones. His healing skills showed immediate results and aided in my healing of pre-cancerous cells which my doctors suggested surgery for. I am very grateful to have met Geordie and be able to share in Reiki exchanges with someone as devoted to healing and following intuitive guidance as he is."—Paula Orozco, Deer Spirit Reiki Master Teacher graduate, spiritual coach and women’s retreat leader,

"Hi Geordie, I want to thank you for your guidance, time and friendship during my Reiki Master Teacher Training. Yesterday was such an amazing day!! The healing gifts received were so deep and I felt such unexplainable joy after you left. I was literally laughing from the intensity of it. It was wonderful also to learn beyond what the manual covered and discuss with you knowledge you've gained in different areas. Reiki is truly beautiful but it is made even more so by humble, gifted teachers like you to continue the lineage. Thank you! I am grateful to have you as a teacher and friend."—Paula Orozco, Deer Spirit Reiki Master Teacher graduate, spiritual coach and women’s retreat leader,

"I am blessed and honored to have Geordie in my life! He has inspired me to gain the confidence and belief in myself as the healer I was born to be. His Reiki energy is always strong but gentle at the same time. He is a great teacher, practitioner, and genuine healer." —Meryl Susanne Brinin - Reiki Master Teacher

"Geordie, your astrological reading rocked my world! I cannot express the gratitude I have for such a thorough, spiritual, intuitive and concise exchange of time and energy. I felt as if my my very soul was finally understood. What joy to be in the presence of non-judgement! By the time my reading with Geordie was over, I new I'd had a transcendental experience. The understanding that I needed so badly gave me the courage to take my life to the next level (and the next and the next). I am fulfilling my destiny as well as guiding it. Geordie is the real deal--and so are we all! —Holly Troy, Deer Spirit Reiki Master Teacher graduate, artist, yoga teacher,

"I am forever grateful for the teachings I received from Geordie. Last year I made the intention of becoming a reiki master after I met Geordie and experienced his clear, loving reiki energy. His enthusiasm for reiki flows into everything he does. We talked for a few months about reiki and the master level before I was actually ready to begin. Once the journey of the Masterwork began, I experienced intense healing. We had a few reiki exchanges which were very powerful for me. Actually learning how to give attunements was incredibly joyful and I got to practice on Geordie several times. All I need to do is think about that experience and the energy starts flowing through my arms and hands. I feel confident in my abilities as a reiki practitioner and look forward to teaching it myself. When Geordie gives reiki, he just sets the intention and the entire room is amped with reiki energy. One of the last times I received a treatment from him I could see black psychic cords unplugging from my back--thousands of them. Some came back as soon as they were unplugged, but he kept working there and they kept leaving me. I believe the lightness I feel in my life today is partly due to that deep letting go that Geordie helped me with. In the same session, he also focused energy on my jaw. He did not know that I had suffered from an infected tooth for six months earlier that year--some of the time I had to be on powerful pain killers. Liquid in my ear began to move and he seemed to pull repressed pain right out of my jaw! Geordie has been a witness to, and a participant in, major healings in my life." —Holly Troy, Deer Spirit Reiki Master Teacher graduate, artist, yoga teacher,

"I had my very first Reiki treatment from Geordie last summer and it has been a true awakening experience for me since then. It has opened up my heart in many ways and the healing process is still continuing in me every day. The reiki treatment has started a healing process in me that I could not have imagined possible. It has helped me release that feeling of being "stuck" which I'm sure everyone has felt before or is still feeling while reading this. Changes started to happen in a good way for me and for everyone around me. I knew I was on a good path. This experience I shared with Geordie was so profound that I decided to get an astrological reading from him also. He contacted me a week later with great enthusiasm about my chart. I was also excited to hear what my natal chart revealed about me.... who wouldn't be? Geordie explained in detail about my sun, moon, planet alignments and how each contributes to my identity. He made it easy to understand for those who are new to astrology like me. The best part was that the reading was recorded, so I listen to it over and over again because it is so much information to remember in one sitting!! I have also decided to take his Reiki I and II class this March, can't wait!!" —Jennifer Chai - Licensed Acupuncturist

Geordie is a very gifted intuitive healer. He has the natural ability to read energy & channel Reiki healing with an open heart for the highest good. He has a deep understanding & respect for the healing arts & is able to apply his knowledge & gifts in a gentle & powerful way. Reiki makes me feel calm, centered, balanced & aligned w/Universal energy; I leave our sessions feeling All is right with the world. I am so deeply grateful for knowing Geordie & the sessions we’ve had over the past years. I highly recommend him as a healer. —In Light & Love—Heidi"

I had the pleasure of a recent healing session with Geordie as well as having attended several Reiki Circle meetings. Geordie is truly gifted in working with the subtle realms. While it is very difficult to describe energy work, I can say the outcomes were palpable and altering, including several chronic issues that were healed. Geordie's kindness and authenticity are his true gifts and I feel that any modality he uses would be successful given his pure intention. I am happy to have met him and appreciate the care he took for my healing session and subsequent integration process. —Asheem Aggarwal,  CEO of Via One Corporation

Geordie's openness to healing within himself brings about miraculous transformation for those he works with as well as the overall planetary consciousness. His great depth of understanding around the healing process allows for a graceful incorporation of various healing modalities. Our distant healing session was quite thorough and exactly what I needed at the time. The intense peace that I felt during the session told me that he had been very present and clear, and his explanation of the integration process was very helpful for me to allow the healing to truly unfold without expectation. I am so grateful to have crossed paths with such an amazing healer and man! —Allison Aichinger - Teacher/Healer

So far I've received two distant treatments with you. They have both been transformative. I kept trying to explain the changes or wondered if it was attributed to something else I was doing, but you sir, have really given me my life back. I woke up on April 27 and really felt like I was reborn! I was SO happy, for lack of a clearer description, though at the time I didn't know about the activation. I've felt so comfortable in my own skin and I don't think I've felt that way since I was a kid. My trip back home recently was amazing and its because I was a different person this time. I haven't felt self conscious, tired, forgetful, so many things... since the activation. I didn't think it could get better. I was wrong. This week during the session I felt minor ripples through my body... after the session, I left my bedroom feeling like I was in a trance and wasn't sure what to make of it, but I wasn't bothered. The next day the 'haze' was gone and and I just felt so peaceful. My anxiety is gone. I've been going to meetings that I know will put me in a position to speak to groups which I never would've done prior to this. My emotions are so much more stable than they've been in a long time. Its not that I doubted you or Reiki before, but I just never knew I could experience this. I am so grateful for you! My soul thanks you for what you've done for its body. —Alyce



Group VortexHealing® & Community Clinic Testimonials

"Hi Geordie and Carol,  How can I begin to thank you for the Lakshmi session?  I wasn’t expecting much was possible to shift the disheartened mood I was in: I went from feeling flu-ish and work-anxious yesterday to calm and grounded and cared for during and right after the session.   And today...absolutely resplendent.  It’s like I can believe and imagine a much broader palette of possibilities today. Smiling all day, M. D.", distant participant in the VortexHealing® / Angelic Liquid Light GIfts of the Goddess Session #4, Lakshmi - Abundance

"Hi Geordie, I just wanted to thank you and Carol for an incredible session today. I cannot begin to describe how much you helped me. I've been facing some dark internal demons lately, last night might've been the worst of it - I sat in my bathroom crying at 2am, begging the angels for someone or something to help me, I just had no idea what to do or where to go to take a step toward healing, and when I woke up this morning and saw your newsletter with the information about today's session, I knew it was the answer to my plea - and I was so right. Throughout the session, I could feel the stuck energy moving out of my body and being replaced with light and love and healing. I had some beautiful images and visions come to me that were so loving and caring. I fell into a deep sleep for a couple hours afterward and just woke up feeling so peaceful and blessed with a clarity of mind I haven't felt in a while. I also woke up to a text message that someone who really screwed me in a business transaction last year "suddenly realized" he owed me money for a job I had paid him to do, but he never finished - thank you Lakshmi! I'm sure it'll take a bit of time for everything to fully settle, but this is the first break in the darkness and the light is flooding in - thank you so much. I am truly grateful for your generosity and time and healing work, it has helped me immensely."

"With deep gratitude,"
RG -  distant participant in the VortexHealing® / Angelic Liquid Light Lakshmi Super Session 10/4/18


"I wanted to thank you and Carol for the last Lakshmi session - it was such a pleasant feeling afterwards. I felt a contented, effervescent kind of lightness, pleasantness, playful, loving delight that lasted into the next days. I'm looking forward to the next ones..." M.D. (distant participant in Toronto).


"For me it started almost as soon as I decided to do it. Things started coming to me. Where I was stuck, I started to come unstuck. My sister was diagnosed with 4th stage cancer about 2 months ago and it has taken me down. I am very attached to her. Yesterday morning I began to understand what I thought of as my powerful love for my sister as having a serious element of "craving" (the song you uploaded really keyed me into that). I need to let go of that part. But  I need help to do it.  During the healing session I went into a very deep resting state, not sleeping, but very deeply restful. My anxiety and tension left and I felt peaceful. I  am very grateful for this gift which came through you and Carol. Here's the really interesting part. I am a substitute teacher. I mostly sub in out local High School. There is a student there who I made a connection with. He is a lost soul. He hitchhiked on my session. This kid needs healing more than me, so I am really glad he was there! Thank you so much Geordie! Love and Peace to you!" M.S. - distant participant from Delaware in Group VortexHealing® session w/ Geordie & Carol Ribner


"wow. you guys...just WOW!! such a delivery of clarity to me in this one. great calmness to my heart and clarity to my mind. was able to let so much go that the energy leaving my field was palpable. no problem because it was followed by a great wave of love and i am still floating awash in an emotional sea of realizing/manifesting the next leg of the voyage. blessings my beautiful friends." C.S.J. (distant participant in Texas)

"Hey bummer - I missed out on the conference call as I was in transit with no reception.  However I felt my heart opening with love during the time tremendously, and felt a beautiful peace and healing on the subway.  Thank you for that!" - Courtney C. Clark    IMDB, Vimeo       (distant participant in NYC)

"The distance healing was very powerful for me.  It provided physical healing for me as well helping me to continue on my spiritual path. I have been stuck at the level of the heart chakra for ever and the healing left me sensing more opening there than I have before.  And I had been experiencing sharp pains at that point, which I had gone to the doctor  for-I thought I was having heart problems.  I have had no pain since Thursday pm! And I feel lighter, freer." - M.S. (distant participant in Delaware, USA) 


"What a relief!! I'm so happy that you guys decided to do this series! I feel more free, fluid and light. The range of motion in my entire body has increased. Energetically I feel lighter. I stood outside in the sun and all my senses are alive! The sun feels very soft, the crispness of the air, the smell of grass... I honestly feel like a child again! This feels weird to say but after many years of being depressed I think I'm... happy? If I already feel this good now. I can't imagine what I'll feel like after the next two sessions. I can't wait for the next session!" —Kris, Distant participant fromToronto in group VortexHealing® session w/ Geordie & Carol Ribner

I just realized I have gotten I think 3 distant group vortex healing sessions and haven't given feedback yet. I just wanted to say it is incredible how powerful and healing it feels each time. Even the times I wasn't able to be alone to fully concentrate and enjoy the experience, I felt such a sense of love and upliftment wash over me when I was doing tasks I knew this was real what I was experiencing. I suffer depression and each session makes me feel like a child at my happiest and healthiest state or as if I am on a very high dose of anti depressants minus the terrible side effects. It means so much to me and I just want to thank you so much- you truly have a gift. —SB, Distant participant in group VortexHealing® session w/ Geordie & Carol Ribner

I must say that last nights session was very profound. It feels like everything has come together. I wasn't feeling great for a couple of weeks and I was losing faith and courage in all things. I was ready to ditch all spiritual pursuits. After last nights integration/harmonization session I feel invigorated and motivated again. Thanks to both of you for providing these sessions! —KC, Distant participant from Toronto in group VortexHealing® session w/ Geordie & Carol Ribner

I have had my Reiki attunements since 1997 and this energy transferal really was very unlike Reiki to dealt with my subconscious level on a basis that is hard for me to fathom even now...deepened my intuition and enhanced my dream state ...and I am attributing all this to VortexHealing as that is when it began and is still an ongoing process...I am amazed! —CSJ - Distant participant from Texas in Group VortexHealing® session w/ Geordie & Carol Ribner


"Hey geordie...don't really know where to leave comments on this but it was SO good for me...woke up on Friday with no aching knees and boundless rid of a lot of "crap" that I had been holding on to and breezed through the still having residual effects...very powerful energy medicine.....thank you so much...very deeply from my ♥ to yours...blessings!" –Clydeen Shaw Johnson, Group VortexHealing® distant participant in Texas

The session was fabulous, afterward I felt light as a feather. It's hard to put the experience into words ... felt like my soul was being caressed. —Jane - Distant participant in group VortexHealing® session w/ Geordie & Sharon Blauer


"Hi Geordie, last week's session was SO intensely amazing for me and Tami! Thank you so much! I decided to get us on the distant healing list for this Thursday as well!" S.B., Group VortexHealing® distant participant in Albuquerque, New Mexico – Group VortexHealing® w/ Geordie & Carol Ribner distant participant in Albuquerque, New Mexico


"Last night's session was very powerful, thank you both so much! Physically I felt way lighter afterwards. Later on in the evening I had a very clear and strong visual regarding my next career move, experiencing that clarity was extremely uplifting. Thanks again, looking forward to the next session!" (C.R. - distant participant in Group VortexHealing® Session w/ Geordie and Carol Ribner)

"First and foremost, I’m absolutely amazed by the healing vortex session last night. I have never attended a distant session but yet have never felt healing energies course through my body in such an obvious and profound way. Right around 7:45 I lay down and felt the energy, first very subtly in the palms of my hands. I also got a very clear impression of you and of Carol, although I do not know you in person yet, I was able to clearly sense and connect to both of you. After a couple of minutes the current flowed through my arms and legs and the circular motion started in my feet as well, although primarily in my left foot. It was warm and tingly and at first it almost made me giggle as it was entering through my solar plexus I felt like I was tickled. As it became stronger, however, it was slightly uncomfortable at times, like pins and needles pinching me and extracting all that stuff that I’ve been coping with out of my marma points. The pins and needles switched from time to time, with pleasant kind of goosebumps cursing through my body. My consciousness was very clearly elevated to another level for an amount of time, however, I lost track of time and space for a moment there and had two visions of how two of my intentions will turn out - I did feel some angelic presence too. Interestingly, right around 8:42 I heard a voice say “its time to wake up now” and I did all of a sudden and was bright awake. I felt the current subside and felt light, energized and much more happy - really, I felt like myself again - all the pains and aches were gone but most of all I felt like I could think straight again, which was nearly impossible the past days. This was by far the most profound experience I’ve had ever in this life time. I had a wonderful, healing sleep in which I felt like angels were around me nurturing and healing me and this morning I feel so refreshed and rejuvenated like I haven’t felt in a while. I thought maybe you’d appreciate if I shared my experience in more detail - I was kind of in “positive shock” about the experience last night. :) Love, Light & Gratitude, Andrea" - distant participant from NYC in Group VortexHealing® session w/ Geordie & Carol Ribner

"I just wanted to let you know after the first group vortex distant healing two weeks ago that I signed myself and my cat Lexy up for, Lexy showed great improvements! She had been in the ICU (one month total) after having two surgeries. She wasn't walking or eating much at all and generally struggling to get better. The day after the session, Lexy was walking around the hospital floor taking a tour to the doctor's office! She became known as the 'Miracle cat' to the staff, and they couldn't stop remarking how well she was doing!! She really took a turn for the better, and I can't stop thinking the VortexHealing had something to do with it (in addition to all the Love we gave her, plus the staff!). Thanks so much!" —Michelle & Lexy

"Hi Geordie & Carol,
That was a really lovely treatment and session.Thank you! I felt a very subtle energy transmission and more physical effects than psychologically or emotionally this time. In fact, I felt an opening in between my shoulder blades (again).My upper back literally cracked in a spot that had been stiff for a long time and it felt like a burden had been lifted off my shoulders. I can literally turn my neck more and feel more softness at the tops of my shoulders. Such a welcome relief! Thank you again and again for these sessions! Every time one of them finishes, I look more forward to the next one!" (Michelle - distant participant in Group VortexHealing® Session w/ Geordie and Carol Ribner)

Geordie, thanks for getting back to me. I put through a "tip" this morning for the group VortexHealing session Thursday. it was very peaceful and deeply healing for me. I woke up yesterday and the virus I've been living with the past almost 5 weeks had begun to clear. I'm also looking forward to the benefits I've noticed from other sessions that go on for months after! Thanks so much!" - Susan -distant participant in Group VortexHealing® Session w/ Geordie and Carol Ribner

             Clarion Community Clinic Testimonials

The Clarion Community Clinic was a project created by myself and Mark Keubel L.Ac. in 2013. Mark and I had worked together both in the monthly Free Clinic for Recovery and on trips with Healer2Healer to provide free clinics and classes in Guatemala.

I wanted to try using our multi - modality free clinic model in which we offered a combination of Reiki, acupuncture and massage as a low cost business model. We decided to hold Clarion Wellness Community Clinics  on the 1st & 3rd Saturdays of every month and the management at Madison Wellness Center agreed to rent us the space.

We were charging $40 for 30 min. of Reiki and acupuncture and 15 min. of massage. On our grand opening we treated 14 people and actually made a small profit. Profits were divided equally between all the practitioners. Our clinics became very popular quickly and we were usually booked to capacity from 11am - 7pm. 


We held our clinics at Madison Wellness for a little over a year. When our lead acupuncturist Mark Keubel decided to leave the project, we lost a lot of business and I decided to launch Clarion Community Clinic 2.0 at the Mother Hand society on 14th St., every Tuesday from 11am - 7pm. We lasted about another year but business through the winter was very slow and it became too much for me to manage and promote so we went out of business in the Spring of 2014.

Our staff - Janelle Belgrave L.Ac., Daniel Miron RMT, Erin Smith LMT, Adrienne Pagliaro L.Ac., Lisa Sumption L.Ac., Louisya Graves (Reiki and reflexology), Crystal Williamson (Reiki and reflexology), Boris Bernadsky L.Ac., LMT, Seungman Park LMT, L.Ac., Peter Caron L.Ac., LMT, Aisha Domingue RMT  and there were several others who worked to fill in when the regulars couldn't make it. Thank you all so much!

Clarion Community Clinic failed as a business model but it was a wonderful experience while it lasted. Working as a team of healers together in the same space is one of my favorite things to do in life. There's a magic to it that can't be put into words, and we were able to give high quality holistic healing at a cost that was easily affordable for most people. 


"Feeling renewed! I can skip again! An amazing team of healers who listen and can work wonders. Can't wait for my next session." (SL, patient who attended Clarion Wellness community session)


"Great Experience! This was only my third time receiving Acupuncture in my life, and my very first time receiving Reiki. What a terrific experience. The practitioners all made me feel right at home and were very open, warm, and knowledgeable. I will definitely be returning!" (A.M., patient who attended Clarion Wellness community session)


"Amazing! I walked out feeling completely intoxicated. And it's an INCREDIBLE value. The entire team literally works wonders. I don't want to wait to go back!" (M.F., patient who attended Clarion Wellness community session)


"It was incredibly useful! I generally don't sleep through the night, in fact I generally wake up at least 2 times, but after my session at Clarion Wellness I managed to sleep through the night and get up at 7 am. The combination of acupuncture, reiki and message made me feel so much better." (C.L., patient who attended Clarion Wellness community session)


"I can't say enough how important these Clarion sessions are for me. The loving staff and professional services you get is unparalleled and all for $40 is incredible. A must do! I come out floating like a feather..." (C.M., Patient who attended Clarion Wellness community session)


"Recommended by friends who raved about their time here I decided to treat myself to try Clarion Wellness for myself and walked out floating. The practitioners were professional, talented with excellent intuitive care given. I truly felt I had gone out of town. I will be back without a doubt" (S.A., Patient who attended Clarion Wellness community session).


"It was my first time at the Clarion Wellness Center, although I have been there, previously, for other reasons and events. I was truly and wonderfully taken care of, and I look forward to returning for another Divinely Healing session." (R.A., Patient who attended Clarion Wellness community session)

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