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 Angelic Liquid Light Healing® Group Distant Healing Sessions


The Angelic Liquid Light Healing® Modality and people's awareness of and appreciation for it have evolved to the point that I've decided to hold regularly scheduled distant healing events in which people can receive the benefits of it for free (with the option to donate) in the comfort of their own homes. This modality works in conjunction with the Angelic realm and is also based on and deeply infused with the incomparable all encompassing love of Mother Divine, the feminine birthing and nurturing aspect of the One Infinite Creator.



The Free  Angelic Liquid Light Healing® Freedom Series - 2024


These events are all purpose healing and awakening sessions that will assist us in whatever way is best for us. You can set any intentions you want for healing, release, enhancement, manifesting, awakening and ascension. The sessions begin with a 30 min. conference call from 7:30 - 8pm ET (East Coast time USA). This is not a "Zoom" video conference call. You do not need an App. It is an audio only call. You will be given the conference call phone numbers when you RSVP by sending me an Email via the contact form on the contact page of this website. These sessions are free to all but if you like them and want to support my work please consider donating (suggested $5 - $20)! I prefer Venmo payment to Geordie-Numata or Zelle to, Cash App to, but you can also Paypal me by going to the contact page of this website and clicking on the "Buy Now" button. 


I have a team of co-channelers that I have recruited this year. They have all learned and practiced the Angelic Liquid Light Healing® modality. I call them my A-Team (Angel Team!). I usually have around 7 or 8 of them channeling with me. I will introduce them during the conference call. It's been really wonderful working with them! The sessions have become much more powerful with their assistance. The current roster consists of Susan Fitzgerald, Andrea Groves, Jae Schapp, Darlene Christ, Hollie Brooks, Barbara Hallnan, Cherokee Moorman, Susan Hagar and Vanessa Hardy. 


Participants are not required to talk during the conference call except to say the disentanglement prayer (see below) at the end of the call. During the call I will talk about the current energies in order to help the group understand the radical transformations of 2023. I may also lead guided meditations, Benevolent Magic Prayers or I may channel information from my guides. When the conference call ends at 8pm EDT (East Coast time USA) the healing will start. There is no conference call during the healing portion which goes from 8pm - 9pm ET (East Coast time USA). During the healing portion which goes from 8pm - 9pm ET (East Coast time USA) it's best to lie down in a quiet place where you won't be disturbed and just relax and enjoy the healing energies.

I created the Angelic Liquid Light Healing® Freedom Series as a natural progression from my 2020 Breakthrough Series to serve the needs of the community as we navigated the unprecedented challenges of the pandemic shutdown and the ongoing 2020 energies of chaotic transformation out of the old paradigm control matrix and into the new age of peace, benevolence and prosperity. We were dealing with high levels of anxiety, fear and uncertainty in 2020 and the sessions have helped many feel more relaxed, centered, grateful and hopeful. Now that we've emerged into 2023, the 5D light frequencies that downloaded through the climactic 2020 Winter Solstice Jupiter - Saturn conjunction in 00 deg. Aquarius Star Gate have been gaining momentum are uplifting us at the same time as they are revealing the deepest layers of darkness, corruption and wounding in our collective field that remain to be healed and loved back into the light.


I made an Angelic Liquid Light Healing Community FB page! Feel free to join it, ask questions, get updates and share about your session. 



The 2024 Free Angelic Liquid Light Healing Freedom® Series is offered to help establish us in the Aquarian Age new paradigm energies of enlightenment, self sovereignty, equality, personal freedom of expression and holistic wellness. Everyone has an equally important role to to play in the new world that is emerging. Everyone is an equally important piece of the jigsaw puzzle, with a unique contribution that nobody else can give.  My intention in offering these sessions is to liberate us from the ties that bind us so that we can fearlessly embrace our evolutionary process of self realization with comfort, confidence and compassion. Here is the schedule -

Thurs. 1/11 - Capricorn New Moon 

Thurs. 1/25 - Leo Full Moon

Fri. 2/9 - Aquarius New Moon

 Sat. 2/24 - Virgo Full Moon

Sun. 3/10 - Virgo Full Moon

Tues. 3/19 - Spring Equinox 

Sun. 3/24 - Libra Full Moon Eclipse

Mon. 4/8 - Aries New Moon Eclipse

Tues 4/23 - Scorpio Full Moon 

 Tues. 5/7 - Taurus New Moon 

Thurs. 5/23 - Sagittarius Full Moon 

Thurs. 6/6 - Gemini New Moon

Thurs 6/20 - Summer Solstice 

Fri. 7/5 - Cancer New Moon   

Sun. 7/21 - Capricorn Full Moon 

Sun 8/4 - Leo New Moon  

Sun. 8/18 - Aquarius Full Moon 

Tues. 9/17 - Virgo New Moon 

Sun. 9/22 - Autumn Equinox 

Wed. 10/2 - Libra New Moon 

Thurs. 10/17 - Aries Full Moon  

Fri. 11/1 - Scorpio New Moon  

Fri. 11/15 - Taurus Full Moon 

Sun. 12/1 - Sagittarius New Moon 

Sun. 12/15 - Gemini Full Moon

Sat. 12/21 Winter Solstice 

2023 is a year of sweeping transformation on the personal and planetary levels. We are the in the midst of a massive meltdown and reset of the global financial system, a changing of the guard in national governments and institutions, a huge global law enforcement push to clean up corruption and human trafficking, populist uprisings in many countries, climate change throughout the entire solar system, and last but not least, hundreds of millions of people waking up spiritually both in the new age paradigm of holistic health, meditation, yoga, astrology, shamanism etc. as well as in traditional religious settings. The shift into the Golden Age is well under way, and 2023 is a major turning point in the process.

In these sessions Divine Mother, the Angels, several of my most advanced students and I will help the group release tension and fear, and get centered, grounded and calm. We will clear blocks in the chakras and energy pathways and we will help the group integrate the higher energies of awakening and ascension that  are coming into the planet.


Registration Instructions


In order to register, email me via the contact form on the contact page  and give me your full name as you want it written on the distant healing list. If you're putting pets on the free pet's list tell me their name and if they're a dog, cat or whatever. These sessions are free to all but if you like them and want to support my work please consider donating (suggested $5 - $20)! I prefer Venmo payment to Geordie-Numata or Zelle / Chase Quick Pay to, but you can also Paypal me by going to the contact page of this website and clicking on the "Buy Now" button. This will take you to my PayPal page. If you don't have a PayPal account, click on the "Pay with debit or credit card" option and fill in the fields with your credit or debit card info. When I receive notification of your payment, I'll put you on the distant healing list and send you the conference call numbers.

If you join this session, you will be asked to say the Golden Angel disentanglement prayer right before the healing starts.

The Golden Angel disentanglement prayer was channeled by the "super channel" Robert Shapiro. You can download a free E - book about different ways to use the prayer HERE . My version of the prayer is the same as his except I add Mother Divine -


I am asking for Divine Mother, golden angels, earth golden angels, light beings that like to work with golden angels and light beings that like to emanate or radiate to golden angels to disentangle me from all my discomforts and pains.


If you don't join the conference call, please say the prayer out loud right before the healing starts.  For more info about the Angelic Liquid Light Healing modality go HERE.

Navaratri Sessions, Autumn 2023 - The Nine Nights of Mother Divine


You are invited to join me for my annual Navaratri healing sessions. I offered the Navaratri Nine Nights of Mother Divine healing sessions in 2021 and 2022 and it was very popular. They are held on the same dates as the traditional Hindu Navaratri celebration in India. This year's 9 day Navratri festival starts on Sunday, October 15th and ends the on Monday, October 23rd. This series honors the 3 main aspects of the divine femi-nine in the Hindu tradition - Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati. There will be a conference call before each session that starts at 9pm ET in which we will call in the deity of that night and meditate on the mantra. The 9 healing sessions will go from 9pm - 10pm ET (15 min conference call followed by 45 min of healing) The suggested donation for the sessions is $90 but any amount is fine and you can join for free if you can't afford to donate. These sessions will help us feel loving and loved, nurtured, nourished, and absolutely safe. The love of Mother Divine is ecstatically blissful and triumphantly transcendent. In these sessions She will help us remember our true nature as divine immortal spirit souls in perfect unity with all that is. Some of my most advanced students and I will be channeling the energies of my Angelic Liquid Light Healing® modality in this session. Please let me know if you'd like to channel a session or 2 with me!

RSVP is required to join this series. Message me via the contact page of my website and tell me your full name as you want it written on the distant healing list. You can also add pets - just tell me their name and what kind of animal they are. If you want friends or family to join, they must contact me on their own. When I receive your rsvp I will send you the conference call numbers and the mantras.

You can join this series and still receive the benefits if you are asleep. I prefer to receive donations via Venmo to Geordie-Numata, Zelle to, or Cash App to, but you can also Paypal me by going to the contact page  and clicking on the "Buy Now" button. Here's the schedule -  

Durga - leadership, courage, strength, protection, fights against evil
Sun. Oct. 15th
Mon., Oct. 16th

Tues. Oct. 17th
Lakshmi - Integrity, morality, passion, material and spiritual wealth, beauty, magnetic attraction, manifestation, spiritual liberation
Wed. Oct. 18th
Thurs. Oct. 19th
Fri. Oct. 20th
Saraswati - wisdom, philosophy, creativity, art, music, theater, eloquence
Sat. Oct. 21st

Sun. Oct 22nd

Mon. Oct. 23rd

                                                                                           Mother Divine Quotes

"Little children play with dolls in the outer room just as they like, without any care of fear or restraint; but as soon as their mother comes in, they throw aside their dolls and run to her crying, "Mamma, mamma." You too, are now playing in this material world, infatuated with the dolls of wealth, honor, fame, etc., If however, you once see your Divine Mother, you will not afterwards find pleasure in all these. Throwing them all aside, you will run to her." - Ramakrishna

"To reach your heart, as every indigenous tribe I know has told me, you must first remember your Divine Mother... Your Mother is alive and very much conscious... Earth is not a rock, she has a name and a personality in the cosmos. And believe me, she knows your name." - Drunvalo Melchizedek

"Love is the Divine Mother's arms; when those arms are spread, every Soul falls Into them." - Hazrat Inayat Khan

"Never allow weakness to overtake your mind. Remember Mahavira, remember the Divine Mother! And you will see that all weakness, all cowardice will vanish at once." - Swami Vivekananda


“A "matriarchal world" does not mean matrilineal, or that one queen shall rule the world. It simply means "a world in which a Mother's Heart leads all social institutions, corporations, and governments." All humans; men, women, or transgender can embody a mother's heart if they so choose. We are destined for extinction as a human race unless a mother's heart assumes leadership of the world.”
― Ananda Karunesh,
A Thousand Seeds of Joy: Teachings of Lakshmi and Saraswati



My friend Carol Ribner has been channeling the Group VortexHealing® Sessions with me since 2010. She took the Angelic Liquid Light Healing classes with me in 2015. Here's some feedback she shared with me after giving a session to a friend -

"......I worked on her for about 45 minutes doing the nurturing energies from Angelic Liquid Light Healing™ , like Mother's Milk and Mother Mary's Roses followed by Lakshmi, Golden Heart Sun, Christ Love and Forgiveness and Angelic Liquid Light Nutrients. She absolutely loved it. She kept saying "this was wonderful, this was wonderful, I feel so relaxed, I loved it" and "this is what the world needs right now." She also said it was the best she has felt after one of my treatments. She also loved the combination of  Angelic Liquid Light and the tuning forks.  She then started listing off the names of people we know who would love to have a session.  I thought you would like to know about this. I'm very glad I am able to offer this to people. So far everyone I have offered it to has loved it!"

Here's one from one of my students - 

"I took Geordie's Angelic Liquid Light Healing™ practitioner class over the summer of 2016 and have practiced the suggested healing techniques from the given manual mostly on myself ever since. One day a friend in despair asked me to send some distant healing for his middle and lower back pain. During one of the sessions "I was guided" to use Angelic Liquid Light Nutrients for him and immediately saw his energetic field filled up with rainbow colors. His distressed emotional body as I was seeing it with my inner eyes was being reshaped in size and enhanced in color. The energetic leaks in the form of cracks, splits and disruptions were repaired with warming silvery liquid that merged into a smooth and solid shield. My friend later enthusiastically announced that the unbearable pain which he was having for almost two months subsided and was almost gone only after receiving three 20 min. long remote sessions. Angelic Liquid Light is a very gentle, easy yet very powerful healing modality. I am very grateful that Geordie initiated me."  - Zuzi R.  

And here's one from an in person session -

“Hi, just wanted to tell you how amazingly free I feel. Just in 1 week since our healing. What a relief to feel joy and happiness! I no longer feel pressure of my ex BF in my field. Just yesterday a man was flirting with me in an elevator. He asked me to lunch, I said no thanks, but he made my day. Wow, I'm excited to just be and I can’t remember ever feeling that! I hope you have a very Happy Birthday and I'm sure I will work with you again when it calls. Much love, (anon)”

And here's a couple from participants in the 2019 Spring Equinox /  Full Moon Angelic Liquid Light Distant Healing -

"I wanted to tell you what an absolutely amazing experience I had during this session on Wednesday! I don't really even have the words to describe it all, but the healing was so deep, so powerful and so beautiful. I just found a whole new level of peace and clarity I have not previously experienced. It was incredible and I'm so grateful! Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with me....with the world! I eagerly look forward to the next opportunity to share in such a powerful healing. Thank you again, R. G."


"Hey Geordie, Good morning! I am feeling much better today, less depressed for sure and last night's healing was quite intense!! At the beginning of the healing i felt this heat come all over my body, and I felt like the angels were there. I also felt some pressure or mild pain in the parts of my body that need healing, which would come and go but very quickly, I could tell the energy was doing it's work. I slept really well last night and feel a bit tired today but in a much better mood. Thanks again for letting me join in last minute! Also thanks for letting me know the date for your next Level 2 course, I'll mark it on my calendar so I don't forget to go! Much love and light to you and your family! Thank you!!" - Natalie C.

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