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Angelic Liquid Light Healing®

For info on upcoming Angelic Liquid Light Distant Healing groups see the Special Events page.


Angelic Liquid Light Healing® is a new healing touch modality that I created in 2013. The attunement for it is given in a process called the Angel Wing Activation in which the Divine Mother aspect of Source, the Angelic and Ascended Master realms, Mother Earth and the elementals are invoked and asked to encode the water and the student with the loving and healing energies of the Angelic Liquid Light Healing® modality. This water is then used in the Angel Wing Activation process to attune the students to the Angelic Liquid Light Healing energies. I must credit my personal spirit guides, the Divine Mother aspect of Source, the Angelic and Ascended Master realms and Mata Amritanandamayi (Amma, the world famous "hugging saint" from India) with inspiring and guiding me to create and teach this healing modality.


There are 3 basic energies in the modality - Mother's Heart, Angelic Liquid Light Healing, and Angelic Liquid Light Nutrients. This is the modality that I use the most now in my group and private sessions. The Mother's Heart healing energies are sourced in the mother aspect of the divine. There are several flavors of Mother's Heart,, each with it's own unique healing properties - Mother's Milk, Mother Mary's Roses, Quan Yin, Sekhmet's Ankh, Lakshmi, Saraswati and Kali. The Angelic Liquid Light Basic healing energies are Blessing, Cleansing, Healing, Clearing, Crystal Clear Consciousness and Alignment. Some of the other healing energies are Christ Love & Forgiveness, Golden Heart Sun, Fulfillment, Red Dragon Fire, Angelic Rainbow Fire, Liquid Light Rainbow, Magenta Fire, Aqua, In The Pink and Red Road.


2024  Level 1 classes will be held on

Sat., March 30th (10am - 5:30pm EDT)

Sat. July 20th (10am - 5:30pm EDT)

Sat. Nov. 23rd (10am - 5:30pm EST)

2024 Level 2 classes will be held on 

Sat. April 20th & Sun April 21st (10am - 5:30pm EDT)

Sat. Aug. 17th & Sun. Aug. 18th, (10am - 5:30pm EDT)

Tues. Dec. 10th, Wed. Dec. 11th & Thurs. Dec. 12th (7pm - 10pm EST each night)


All classes will be taught on the Webex video conference platform. Students who cannot attend Saturday classes can schedule Level 1 classes in two 3. and a half hour sessions on weeknights. 

A.L.L. Healing® Level 1 

In this class you will  - 

- learn about how this modality was created

- learn the philosophy of A.L.L. Healing

- learn how the feminine gives us access to the divine

- learn about the number 9 and how it invokes Mother Divine

- learn how to work with your Golden Angel future self

- receive your first Angel Wing Activation
- learn about all the energies of the modality and how to use them.

- the basic principles of healing touch and distant healing

- practice giving treatments

A.L.L. Healing® Level 2 

In this class you will -

- Get your 2nd level Angel Wing Activation

- practice special breathing exercises and meditations to cultivate Shakti power

- learn zodiac polarity healing techniques

- receive transmission and teachings to enhance psychic sensing abilities

- Learn about the 9 Dimensions and how to use them for healing. 

- practice giving treatment


Angelic Liquid Light Healing® Level 1 - $252, $90 deposit

Angelic Liquid Light Healing® Level 2 - $360, $120 deposit

Angelic Liquid Light Healing® Levels 1 & 2 package - $558, $180 deposit 

Here's some feedback on an Angelic Liquid Light Healing® session that my VortexHealing® partner Carol Ribner gave to a friend -

"..... I worked on her for about 45 minutes doing the nurturing energies from Angelic Liquid Light Healing® like Mother's Milk and Mother Mary's Roses followed by Lakshmi, Golden Heart Sun, Christ Love and Forgiveness and Angelic Liquid Light Nutrients. She absolutely loved it. She kept saying "this was wonderful, this was wonderful, I feel so relaxed, I loved it" and "this is what the world needs right now." She also said it was the best she has felt after one of my treatments. She also loved the combination of Angelic Liquid Light and the tuning forks. She then started listing off the names of people we know who would love to have a session. I thought you would like to know about this. I'm very glad I am able to offer this to people. So far everyone I have offered it to has loved it!"

Here's one from one of my students - 

"I took Geordie's Angelic Liquid Light Healing® practitioner class over the summer of 2016 and have practiced the suggested healing techniques from the given manual mostly on myself ever since. One day a friend in despair asked me to send some distant healing for his middle and lower back pain. During one of the sessions "I was guided" to use Angelic Liquid Light Nutrients for him and immediately saw his energetic field filled up with rainbow colors. His distressed emotional body as I was seeing it with my inner eyes was being reshaped in size and enhanced in color. The energetic leaks in the form of cracks, splits and disruptions were repaired with warming silvery liquid that merged into a smooth and solid shield. My friend later enthusiastically announced that the unbearable pain which he was having for almost two months subsided and was almost gone only after receiving three 20 min. long remote sessions. Angelic Liquid Light is a very gentle, easy yet very powerful healing modality. I am very grateful that Geordie initiated me."  - Zuzi R.

Here's one from a client who had an in - person session with me -

"Hi, just wanted to tell you how amazingly free I feel, just in 1 week since our healing. What a relief to feel joy and happiness! I no longer feel pressure of my ex - boyfriend in my field. Just yesterday a man was flirting with me in an elevator. He asked me to lunch, I said no thanks, but he made my day. Wow, I'm excited to just be and I can't remember ever feeling that! I hope you have a very Happy Birthday and I'm sure I will work with you again when it calls.  Much love, J. S.

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